ni-21 - Producer & DJ of HARD DANCE MUSIC | テックダンス/ハードダンスのプロデューサー&DJ





2010年に楽曲制作を本格化。シーンの先導者 YOJI 氏によるMIXCD「VIBLE03」に、オリジナルトラック「Ravey Days」が採用収録・シングルカットされたのを皮切りとし、以降トラック/リミックスを数多くリリース。「Tech Dance x Hardgroove x Industrial x Hard Acid」のクアッドブリッドスタイルへと進化を遂げた。exbit trax (JP)のコンピレーションに楽曲提供をする他、国内外を問わず多くのオリジナルトラック/リミックスを手がけている。



DJ, Producer, Event organizer, living in Tokyo.

In 2000, he started his career as a dj.

Even repeated updates through the transition of the genre, theme of music he has always continues to have consistently the “HARD”. For the most important elements of electronic music is to say bottom part (like kicks and rhythms). He has strong interest to its hardness and weight. As a result of chasing the interest, he always drops speedy and destructive powered tracks.

In 2010, he started full-scale music production. His original track “Ravey Days” has been adopted to “VIBLE03” compiled and mixed by Mr. YOJI (global leader of HARD DANCE MUSIC scene). After that success, he released a number of tracks and remixes.

In early 2016, he launched a brand-new party named “ENIGMA“.

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